• £1,895.00

The advanced sifWELD Evolution Aerotech range of AC/DC TIG machines have features normally only available on high end Aerospace specific TIG welding machines, including: Four power levels of HF ignition strength, fully adjustable cleaning and welding current levels on both the positive and negative parts of the AC Square Wave Cycle. A professional, microprocessor-controlled inverter welding power source for AC TIG, DC TIG & MMA applications. The use of IGBT technology providing a compact and lightweight machine including the advanced Aerotech features, high speed pulse and the complete range fully adjustable parameters normally expected on a professional TIG welding machine. Multimodal for TIG HF / TIG Lift / MMA process. Package includes: • sifWELD Evolution TS200ACDC PCP LCD • 1S 2G Argon reg btm entry long • WP26 air cooled 4m TIG torch • Earth return • Electrode holder • Gas hose