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Our pipe chain clamps have been designed to offer the welder the best of both worlds, firstly a clamp with the strength and ability to align and lightly reform pipes and secondly, lightweight design and construction for ease of use. • One clamp can fit a wide range of sizes • The entire circimference of the pipe can be welded without removing the clamp. • Each clamp can fit-up Elbows, Tees, Flanges, End-Caps and most other pipe fittings. • All pipe chains and screws are zinc pasivated to eliminate weld spatter and corrosion. • Our clamping feet are cast from the highest quality alloy steels. • Our lightweight construction and design make them strong and durable. • All clamping feet have two aligning screws allowing reforming pressure to be applied to both pieces of pipe. • The clamping feet are designed to allow clearance around the pipe for any welding torch or electrode. Suitable for pipes ranging from 6 to 20 inch diameter.